Camping sporting goods

Whether or not you are new to camping, there are some important camping sporting goods that you need to make sure to bring along on your next camping trip. While some of these are not as important as others, they will all make sure that you have an enjoyable camping experience.

Your Camping Tent:

Your tent not only needs to be of good quality, but it should be large enough to fit everyone comfortably and still have room for some of your gear. A good rule of thumb is to get a tent that sleeps two more people then you have in your camping party.

This not only will allow you enough room to move around it will also allow you to keep some personal things in the tent, so you do not have to run back and forth to the car all the time.

A Good Sleeping Bag: (or two)

It is always a good idea to have a good quality sleeping bag. Of all the camping sporting goods this one could be the difference of having a good nights sleep, or tossing and turning all night. The reason I say (or two), is because some nights can get very cold and if you don’t have a good warm sleeping bag, you could be in for a rough night.

On the other hand, some areas of the country stay very warm at night, and you will want a lighter sleeping bag for these nights. That’s why I always carry along a warm weather and a cold weather sleeping bag on all of my camping trips.

An alternative to this would be to have a warm weather sleeping bag and bring along some warm blankets just incase it gets cold. You also could use the blankets under your sleeping bag to keep the cold from the ground from coming up through your bag.