Camping supplies for Cooking

These supplies cover your pots and pans, plates, silverware and cooking utensils. It is always a good idea to bring several pots and pans in various sizes as your cooking needs will vary depending on the meals you will be cooking. As for your plates, silverware and cooking utensils, you would know best on what to bring depending on the size of your camping party and the meals that you will be preparing.

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is a must have item when camping as there will always be minor cuts and scrapes for campers of all ages. A good first aid kit will not only come with your typical bandaids and bandages, they will also have Antiseptic wipes, sting relief ointment, aspirin, ibuprofen, first aid cream, sun screen, scissors, tweezers and even hot and cold packs. So make sure you invest is a good all purpose and outdoor first aid kit.

These are just some of the camping supplies that you need to take with you on your camping trips. To make sure that nothing is left behind, make sure you have a gook camping checklist.