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Camping Tips on Tents

The first thing is to pick a good spot for your tent. The spot you choose should be as level as possible and not be in a low area of the camp site. I have seen some campgrounds that have their tent pads located in areas that can fill up with 2 or 3 inches of water during a heavy rain. Be sure to place a tarp under your tent. This will prevent ground moisture from coming up through the bottom of your tent. The tarp should be just a little larger than your tent. And you should always place a tarp over the top of your tent.

Some tents come with a rain fly, but even these can let water through during a heavy rain. Tie the tarp off to some trees with one corner lower so any water has a place to run off. And speaking of tarpsKeep this in mind whenever you are camping. You will never have enough tarps.This may seem like a little over kill but you will always find a need for another tarp. I place a tarp over just about everything. Here are just some of the things you could use a tarp to cover.

And just about anything else you can think of. I use one large tarp to cover the area where we eat and cook and run the tarp up to about 3 feet from the fire pit so we can sit close to the fire even if it is raining. Beginner camping tips for bedding While it isn’t necessary to have a sleeping bag that is rated to -20 degrees, it is a good idea to have one that will keep you warm during the night. Even during the summer it can get fairly chilly at night. It is also a good idea to bring along some extra blankets just in case. You can place some blankets under your sleeping bag or pick up one of those self inflating pads for extra comfort, but I prefer a good size inflatable mattress. These are much more comfortable and you end up getting a better nights sleep and feeling great the next morning. These are just a few of the beginner camping tips to help you get started. Other tips to help you get the best out of your camping trip will be covered in m

Beginner Camping Tips

For someone who is just starting out in camping, a few beginner camping tips could be the difference in being able to enjoy the great feeling one gets from being in the outdoors, or having a bad experience and never wanting to go camping again. When you think of camping you have thoughts of a beautiful summer day with temperatures around 80 degrees, with a gentle breeze blowing through the trees as birds sing from the trees above.

While this would truly be a great day for camping there are many times where the weather does not always cooperate. By following these beginner camping tips you can make sure that all your camping trips will be a great experience. The two most important things that will make or break your camping trip are preparing for the trip and your comfort level during the trip, with the preparation being the number one thing that controls how everything else goes.

Preparing For Your Camping Trip. Out of all the beginner camping tips, this one is the most important one. When preparing for your camping trip it is best to use a Camping Checklist, this will help you make sure that nothing is forgotten and left at home. What type of camping you will be doing? If you will be camping in an RV, this one is not that important. But if you will be camping in a tent you want to get this one right. There is nothing worse then waking up in the middle of the night soaking wet. You also need to have the essentials found in like your power bank and mobile speaker needs.

Supplies at a camping store

Supplies at a camping store

There’s nothing I like to do more then to go down to the local camping store and just walk around for an hour or two and look at all of the great things they have. Now, I’m not big on going downtown to go window shopping with my girl friend, but put me in a store full of camping gear and I become like a kid in a candy store.

There are many great camping stores around, both on the Internet and in town, but my favorite store has to be G. I. Joe’s. I often stop by there on the way home form work to check out all the great camping gear they have and I sometimes come home with a thing or two.

Here are some of the great camping stores around starting with my favorite.

G. I. Joe’s is by far the best camping store to go to if you are looking for top quality camping gear and supplies. They have an incredible selection of equipment that will fill any camper’s needs. Whether you are into RV camping, tent camping (don’t forget to bring a power bank!), or someone that loves to go camping with your camping gear on your back, G. I. Joe’s is the place for you.

And if you’re also into other outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, soccer, baseball, or just about anything else you can think of, G. I. Joe’s will have something for you as well. Just go to to fill all of your camping needs. Just be sure to let someone know where you are going so your family doesn’t call and report you missing.

Camping World

Camping World is one of the largest camping stores around and although they carry camping supplies for every type of camping, they have by far the best selection of camping supplies, gear and accessories for the RV camper.

With 40 years in the camping business, Camping World has become one of the biggest suppliers of camping equipment around.

Use the RV blue book

Use the RV blue book

One of the best ways to find out what the value of a used RV is with the RV blue book. The blue book is a term people use when talking about the value of a car or recreational vehicle.

You can find the blue book listings of many different makes and models of recreational vehicles. It is basically a appraisal listing of different vehicles that is based on the miles of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle and the different options a RV may have.

There are two different kinks of the Kelley blue book. The first one is a guide that gives you a list of truck campers, van conversions and motor homes and there price or value. The second rv blue book provides you with a list of tent trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and park model trailers.

The consumer edition of the blue book is the one that most people are familiar with. The consumer edition can be picked up from bookstores all over the country.

The newer book gives you information for the latest models of RV’s. It also gives you the suggested retail price of the manufacture as well as the cost to the dealers and any extra costs that could be included such as shipping.

The RV blue book will give you information on RV’s going back 10 – 15 years. If you’re selling your RV, you can find out what you could sell it for if you were selling it to another person and what you could expect to receive if you were going to use it as a trade-in.

You will also be able to use a chart or check off list so you can add information such as the condition of the vehicle, miles on the vehicle if it’s a motor home and any other extras it my have that could push up the value of the RV.

The RV blue book only covers RV’s that are bought and sold in the United States.


Choosing the right camping gear

Choosing the right camping gear

There are so many things that go on a great camping trip and having the right camping gear is a big part of it. Going down to your local K-mart or Wall-mart store and quickly grabbing some items off of the shelf may be okay, but it is important that you choose the right gear that will best fit your needs and last through many camping trips to come.

Getting set up with all the right camping gear can be quite expensive, and while it ‘s nice to try and save money on buying cheap equipment, some items should always be of high quality to make sure your camping trip is always an enjoyable one.

Here are some of the more important things to have on your list of camping gear.


Your tent is one of the more important things that you need to make sure that is of high quality as it will be what protects you from the wind and rain and other elements during the day and while you are sleeping. Although we do most of our camping in an RV nowadays, we always carry two good quality tents for the kids and grandkids to use.

While it isn’t necessary to buy a high-quality tent such as the Alaskan Guide Model shown here from Cabela’s, you can pick up an excellent quality tent for around $100 depending on the size of canvas that you want.

Sleeping Bag

Here is another item on your list of camping gear that should be of high quality. When choosing a sleeping bag, you first need to determine what type of camping you will be doing. Will you be doing most of your camping in warm weather, or will you be camping in an area where the temperatures could drop into the 30’s or lower overnight?

I have several sleeping bags that are rated from + 30 degrees, this one I use during the summer months, all the way down to – 20 degrees. I use this one during November when I’m at Elk Camp where the overnight temperatures drop to around 0 degrees F. Even with ice cycles hanging from tent roof I stay plenty warm.

Cook Stove

There are many types and styles of cookstoves on the market today to choose from. From the small butane stove that will fit in your back pack, all the way up to the large three burner camp chef cook stove that I use.

If you are heading up a trail with your tent and sleeping bag on your back, then the small single burner butane stove will be the best choice. My favorite butane stove is the JetBoil stove. It’s a compact stove that will boil water in less than one minute. The stove itself, the butane canister and the cup all fit within the cooking canister for a very compact and easy to use the unit. You can even hold it in your hand while cooking.

If you are only camping

Choosing the best camping cots

Choosing the best camping cots

There are a lot of different kinds of camping cots on the market today and choosing the right one is very important. Here are a few important points that you need to consider before purchasing a cot.

Choosing a cot that is poorly made and uncomfortable can cause you to have many sleepless nights.You want to make sure that the cot you buy will last for many great camping trips. If your cot is poorly made you will find yourself replacing it every few years.

Is the cot easy to put together?

There are a few camping cots on the market today that is very difficult to assemble.

One of the first camping cots that I had was made of a piece cloth, two poles and some wires that held the cot just a few inches off the ground. This cot was very uncomfortable and allowed the cold from the ground to seep up through my sleeping bag.

Needless to say, that was the last time that I ever used that cot.

Some of the best cots on the market today are the Army-style cots. They are made of both wood and square aluminum tubing. They are comfortable, well made and are easy to put up and take down.

The cots that are made of wood are well made but are better suited for kids due to their light weight. Over time these cots can wear a little and become wobbly from the heaver weight of an adult. The camping cots that are made form square tubing are the best cots available and will last through many great camping trips. They are very strong and durable and are better suited for adults.

Some of the camping stores will even have three or four 300 pound guys standing on the cots to show just how strong they are.

There are a few Army-style cots out there that are very difficult to put together. One of the guys that I camp and hunt with has a cot that takes four guys to put together.

Two of us have to hold the cot to the ground, while the other two have to pry and pull with a screw driver and vice grips to get it to go together.

Camping games for children

Camping games for children

When it comes to bringing the children in for camping, it can either be a fun-filled experience that will keep them in high spirits or a preview of what hell feels like when children are tempted with boredom.

And this is exactly why camping games for children need to be given lots of advance consideration if you want them to be successful.

Children are by nature full of boundless energy. Bottle up that energy, and they will find other ways to vent it. And this will usually have some pretty messy results in the end. This then defines rule number one when choosing camping games for children: tap that energy and direct it to a fun and constructive end.

Tag, ball-games and similar games that involve a lot of puffing and huffing then become the number one priority when it comes to thinking up games, and should be given early in the day or when the kids have taken some time to rest up. This is when the children are at the peak of their spirits, and a highly-energetic game will help them vent that energy.

Team games that instill a sense of cooperation and camaraderie are not just fun and exciting for the children. If play is practicing life skills, then team-oriented camping games for children build up a child’s ability to interact and work with other individuals as they go through life.

This means team games like balloon wars and tug-of-war offer more than just a way for the kids to vent their energy. They also expose them to conflict and cooperation scenarios that will determine the development of their interpersonal skills.

Scavenger hunts and hide-and-seek are fun for a reason: they hone a child’s sense of ingenuity and creativity in high-pressure situations. These camping games for children are designed to test a child’s ability to quickly and appropriately deal with situations as they come up.

The ability to look around for the items in question and to improvise a hiding spot then become learning experiences that will both guide a child’s development and allow for a whole lot of fun while doing so!

Let’s face it. What kind of camping trip does not involve getting down and dirty in the mud? The whole point of going camping is to expose the children to an environment away from the monotonous proceedings of urban life.

Frolicking in the dirt and building mud castles do pose a few obvious hygiene problems, but the experience of handling dirt and being exposed to nature itself serves as an enjoyable means of strengthening oneself. After all, being cloistered in a perfectly sterile environment makes the body weak and overly dependent on external protection.

One last thing, don’t ruin it for the children by focusing too much on the learning experience. Camping games for children are meant to be a fun and exciting way to appreciate Mother Nature, so hang back and let them have all the fun in the sun they can have.

Fun camping games

Fun camping games

No camping trip is complete without some cool camping games that everyone young and old can play and enjoy. While a majority of your time camping is spent on things like hiking, bike riding, fishing and other outdoor activities, having some games to play can add to everyone’s fun and enjoyment.

Out Door Camping Games

Bocce Ball

This is a great game that consists of 8 colored balls and one smaller yellow ball. The rules of the game call for you to play the game on a flat level surface such a grass lawn or other smooth surface. Now unless you think that playing shuffle board is an exciting time, you only need to know the general rules of the game and how to keep score.

Instead of playing this game on a smooth level surface, you will want to play it in the woods, on a gravel road, a dirt road with potholes, or any other surface that is anything but smooth and level. As you can see, our set has seen better days.

There have been times where we have played Bocce Ball on an old road that hasn’t been used for years and was full of rocks and holes. By the time anyone had thought to end the game, several hours had gone by.

Bocce Ball is a game that everyone both young and old will find themselves playing for hours and having the time of their lives.

RV accessories

RV accessories

I know that I have walked out with a few more things than I had planned for on more than one occasion.

Here are some of the more popular Recreational Vehicle accessories that are available.

Leveling Blocks

Now here is an accessory that no RV camper should be without. The leveling blocks that are on the market today resemble Lego’s™ and snap together to give you the height needed to level your recreational vehicle.

They are very affordable and take up much less space then the old style of ramps that were made of 2 x 10’s that you had to keep adjusting to get your RV level.

Power Inverter

Out of all the RV accessories that I have, my power inverter has saved the day more than once.

A majority of our camping trips are to campgrounds that do not have hookups and running your generator early in the morning to make a pot of coffee is not a very popular thing to do.

With a power inverter, you can have that fresh cup of coffee and keep the peace and quiet at the same time.

You can pick up an inexpensive power inverter for around $30 – $40 that you just clamp to any battery. You can then run your coffee pot, other small appliances and even recharge batteries and cell phones.

Solar Panel

Solar panels are probably one of your higher end RV accessories, but if you do a lot of dry camping (camping without hookups) it is an excellent investment that will help keep your batteries charged for a little longer.

You can pick up a smaller and more affordable solar panel that is portable and will trickle charge your battery. These are good for batteries that you don’t use that much and you can afford to charge them over a longer period of time.

I picked up a 150-watt solar panel that is mounted to the top of my motor home and helps keep the batteries charged longer during normal use.

Satellite Dish

Camping has come a long way over the years and it’s not your typical roughing it type of camping anymore. More and more people want to bring the comforts of home with them including their TV’s and Satellite dishes.

Come on! what good is a TV if you don’t have 300 channels to go along with it? You can now have your TV and Monday Night Football form anywhere you set up camp.

You can pickup a satellite dish setup that is made just for RV’s from just about any camping or RV store around.

These are just a small number of the many RV accessories that are available and if you spend enough time in your local or online camping store, I’m sure you will be able to find many more.