Choosing the right camping gear

There are so many things that go on a great camping trip and having the right camping gear is a big part of it. Going down to your local K-mart or Wall-mart store and quickly grabbing some items off of the shelf may be okay, but it is important that you choose the right gear that will best fit your needs and last through many camping trips to come.

Getting set up with all the right camping gear can be quite expensive, and while it ‘s nice to try and save money on buying cheap equipment, some items should always be of high quality to make sure your camping trip is always an enjoyable one.

Here are some of the more important things to have on your list of camping gear.


Your tent is one of the more important things that you need to make sure that is of high quality as it will be what protects you from the wind and rain and other elements during the day and while you are sleeping. Although we do most of our camping in an RV nowadays, we always carry two good quality tents for the kids and grandkids to use.

While it isn’t necessary to buy a high-quality tent such as the Alaskan Guide Model shown here from Cabela’s, you can pick up an excellent quality tent for around $100 depending on the size of canvas that you want.

Sleeping Bag

Here is another item on your list of camping gear that should be of high quality. When choosing a sleeping bag, you first need to determine what type of camping you will be doing. Will you be doing most of your camping in warm weather, or will you be camping in an area where the temperatures could drop into the 30’s or lower overnight?

I have several sleeping bags that are rated from + 30 degrees, this one I use during the summer months, all the way down to – 20 degrees. I use this one during November when I’m at Elk Camp where the overnight temperatures drop to around 0 degrees F. Even with ice cycles hanging from tent roof I stay plenty warm.

Cook Stove

There are many types and styles of cookstoves on the market today to choose from. From the small butane stove that will fit in your back pack, all the way up to the large three burner camp chef cook stove that I use.

If you are heading up a trail with your tent and sleeping bag on your back, then the small single burner butane stove will be the best choice. My favorite butane stove is the JetBoil stove. It’s a compact stove that will boil water in less than one minute. The stove itself, the butane canister and the cup all fit within the cooking canister for a very compact and easy to use the unit. You can even hold it in your hand while cooking.

If you are only camping with two to four people, then a two burner propane stove should do the trick. Even the older style Colman stoves that use white gas are still a hot stove. I have two of the three burner stoves that I picked up at garage sales for around 10 – 15 dollars that the kids use when they go camping alone.

Now, if you will be cooking for around six people or more like is usually the case when I go camping, then you may want to look into getting one of the Camp Chef stoves that I use. They put out plenty of heat and are large enough to handle three large pans at the same time. These are just some of the camping gear that you will need for your camping trip. Always be sure to use a good camping checklist to make sure that you always have the Camping Supplies and gear you will need.