Fun camping games

No camping trip is complete without some cool camping games that everyone young and old can play and enjoy. While a majority of your time camping is spent on things like hiking, bike riding, fishing and other outdoor activities, having some games to play can add to everyone’s fun and enjoyment.

Out Door Camping Games

Bocce Ball

This is a great game that consists of 8 colored balls and one smaller yellow ball. The rules of the game call for you to play the game on a flat level surface such a grass lawn or other smooth surface. Now unless you think that playing shuffle board is an exciting time, you only need to know the general rules of the game and how to keep score.

Instead of playing this game on a smooth level surface, you will want to play it in the woods, on a gravel road, a dirt road with potholes, or any other surface that is anything but smooth and level. As you can see, our set has seen better days.

There have been times where we have played Bocce Ball on an old road that hasn’t been used for years and was full of rocks and holes. By the time anyone had thought to end the game, several hours had gone by.

Bocce Ball is a game that everyone both young and old will find themselves playing for hours and having the time of their lives.