Programming the Mind not to Smoke

Behavior is created when the mind thinks what next course of action is more likely to happen. For this to work, learning how to do visualization is important. Visualization exercises can be improved if the person has practiced meditation before.

For visualization to work, the whole brain needs to be utilized. While the right brain handles the imaginary process, the left brain handles the perseverance and willpower process. When doing the visualization, imagine a life that is free from smoking. Imagine the improvement in health and imagine the smiling faces on family members. Visualize the many benefits of not smoking as much as possible and incorporate them into the imagined scenario.

To make the visualization process as real as possible, be sure that all the five senses are engaged. Make sure the scenario has colors and objects inside the scenario that are moving. Focus on imagining activities that can be done instead of those that cannot like smoking cigarettes or vaporisaatori.

One great thing about this exercise is that the brain cannot tell the difference between reality and an illusion. This is how optical illusion works. Set aside about five minutes a day to do this visualization exercise.