Camping supplies could cover a vast amount of things, such as an ax, wood, food, tents, sleeping bags and even a cook stove. Here we will cover such items as fire wood, an ax, food and other supplies you would stock up on when going camping. Other items such as tents, sleeping bags and cook stoves will be covered under Camping Gear.

Let’s take a look at some of the more important camping supplies that you will want to make sure you bring along on all of your camping trips.

Can Opener

You may laugh at this one, but the can opener is one of the most forgotten items when going camping. I have found myself more then once trying to open a can with a knife which is not the safest thing to do. In my early days of camping, I even used a rock once to open a can of soup. So make sure that you have a can opener on your list of camping supplies.

Fire Wood

There is something about sitting around a camp fire in the evening or early morning that makes a camping trip more special. The kids just love to make s’mores when we go camping and I always place the coffee pot next to the fire to keep it nice and warm in the morning. Be sure to check the fire regulations in the area that you will be camping as some areas don’t allow open fires during certain times of the year.

Ax or Hatchet

These always come in handy to chop up bigger pieces of fire wood and cutting wood into smaller pieces to be used as kindling. I have even used my ax to cut a tent pole or two when one or more of the tent poles were left at home.